Why have a counsellor in school?

Why have a Counsellor in school?

When children are experiencing difficulties at home or in school their concentration and the way they behave can be adversely effected. A school based service brings counselling to children in a place that is familiar, safe and secure. By providing emotional support and enabling children to ‘off load’ feelings and anxieties counselling can help a child to concentrate more in class, feel better about themselves and build their self-confidence.


How do I know it is safe for my child to see a YCT counsellor?

YCT is an accredited organisational member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy-this means that all our counsellors are:


  • Qualified to a minimum of a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling
  • BACP accredited or working towards accreditation
  • Experienced in working with children OR are in the process of gaining this experience through supervised practice
  • CRB checked
  • Insured
  • In receipt of regular clinical and line management supervision
  • In receipt of regular continuing professional training
  • Familiar with and working within Essex Safeguarding Children Policies and Procedures.