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Therapeutic Counselling at YCT

Counselling is an opportunity to talk to someone in confidence about anything that could be worrying you. This could be about a whole range of issues and at YCT we don’t think there is an issue to big or too small.

Check out our film below called ‘What is Counselling?’

For professionals

YCT offers counselling, supervision, consultancy, training days/programmes and workshops. Please contact us to discuss any requirements.

Our trained and experienced counsellors are friendly and welcoming and won’t make judgements about you or your problems.

Counselling takes place through an appointment of around 50 minutes with the same counsellor every week, who will listen to you and help you explore how you are feeling. You decide if you would like counselling and how long you would like counselling for.

We offer counselling in schools and other education settings. In primary schools, this is usually play therapy or ‘thera-play’. In secondary schools, we mainly deliver ‘talking therapies’, with a YCT therapist listening to you and helping you to find your own answers to problems. We may also provide art or drama therapy.

We provide talking therapy counselling from a number of community venues too in West Essex and North and East Hertfordshire. We work with 11 – 25 years in Harlow , and 13 – 19 years old in Cheshunt, Ware, Bishop Stortford and Stevenage.



Young people are able to access counselling online through video/webcam or instant messaging/email. This service may be helpful for young people unable to attend appointments in person.

Group work, workshops, assemblies and programmes

YCT offers a whole host of therapeutic services that work with groups of children and young people, always delivered by one of our exceptional therapists. There may be many topics and reasons for the support, but all will be delivered in a safe, caring and supportive way

Parent-child work

YCT runs regular parent-child dyad programmes, please see the film below for more information…

Things you may want to know….

YCT is a person-centred organisation meaning the therapist is not the expert and will not tell you what to do or what is wrong with you. Instead they will listen, non-judgmentally and empathetically, to what you want to talk about, and help you decide what you’d like to do.

YCT works in line with our Equality and Diversity policy at all times. All of YCTs services will be provided in accordance with our commitment to equal opportunities.

All the venues YCT works from are wheelchair accessible. If a client requires any further accessibility support (including a translator) YCT will endeavour to provide that service/resource or make a referral to an appropriate agency.