YCT’s 3rd Annual Lecture was held on Monday 29th February 2016

YCT’s 3rd Annual Lecture was held on Monday 29th February 2016 at the University Centre, Harlow. The evening was opened by Neil (the Chair of Trustees) who introduced Casey Edmonds a Research Fellow in the Cass School for Education and Communities at the University of East London and Sir John Kemp-Welch, the husband of YCT’s former Patron.

Casey then delivered a very interesting and informative talk entitled 'Dyspraxia: Hidden DiFFability'. The talk was based around Casey’s PhD in Psychology which is looking at the lived experiences of young people with dyspraxia in UK secondary education. In her presentation Casey explored some of the needs of young people who are dyspraxic, how a diagnosis is made and some of the most effective ways of supporting young people who have dyspraxia.

For the second year running the Annual Lecture was followed by the presentation of the Lady Diana Kemp-Welch Awards to 4 young people. These awards are in memory of Lady Diana Kemp-Welch, YCT’s former Patron and this year were given to a number of exceptional children and young people who, after receiving the support of YCT, went on to make significant progress and improvement in their lives. Sir John Kemp-Welch and his daughter presented certificates to Ethan Martindale, Bradley Hutt, Leanne Dumont and Casey Nichols.

The evening finished with Neil Frost (the Chair of Trustees) and Lindsay Fox (the YCT Director) thanking all the contributors and inviting people to stay for refreshments (including canapes made by Harlow College Students) and an opportunity to network.

Overall it was a very educational and inspiring evening, thank you to everyone who helped to make it such a successful event.

Margaret Bailey
YCT Therapeutic Team Leader