23 February 2012

Joe Thomas
(aka Simon Cooper from the Inbetweeners)
becomes Patron of YCT

Having opened YCT House last year, Joe Thomas (otherwise known as Simon Cooper, star of the television series and film ‘The Inbetweeners’) has become a patron of the charity that supports young people.

In accepting the invitation to become a YCT Patron Joe said: “I'm delighted to become one of the patrons of YCT, which provides one-to-one and group-level therapeutic support for young people in Harlow. It can be difficult, for a variety of reasons, for young people to access therapeutic services and yet it is an extremely important area. I will do everything I can to raise the profile of this organisation and the values which it holds.”

YCT supports young people in a variety of ways to help them overcome difficulties, raise their self esteem and aspirations and maximise on their life chances.

In announcing Joe Thomas as a YCT patron Robert Locke, Director of YCT, said “We are proud that Joe has agreed to become one of our patrons. He was popular at the opening of our new premises last year, and he showed how much he understood many of the issues faced by young people. Having a celebrity like Joe supporting us is a big boost to our organisation.”